Recovering the Product Line Architecture of the Apo-Games

Supplemental Material


This web-site brings some extra information from the case study on Recovering the Product Line Architecture (PLA) of the Apo-Games. The PLA recovery approach was developed by Researchers from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), within the context of the Software Engineering Lab (LES), aSide @ UFBA software design and evolution group, and RiSE Labs - Reuse in Software Engineering. Contact information of the authors can be reached here.

We used the source code from the Apo-Games repository. The Java folder contians the artifacts of 20 Java games that evolved from each other. The Android folder contains 5 games for the Android platform and the required BitEngine, which is not a clone of the other systems.

The site includes the following material: Android Projects recovered information and Java Projects recovered information. Each project contains the PLA Development View, Design Structure Matrix (DSM) with variability representation, Metrics report, and Inspection report.